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EMC provides full-service Agile Marketing SM teams that are designed to supplement our customers existing marketing resources. We, in effect, become part of their team and can take on any work that they need to have done – none of which has to be decided up front.

In our initial meetings with clients, we don’t talk about Marketing deliverables, we talk about business goals. We then come back with the number of Full-Time Employees (FTE’s) we believe need to be working on our team in order to meet their business goals through Marketing services, and we charge a flat-fee service retainer each month. During any given month, our staff members may rotate in and out of a client’s team as the needs of the client changes

What Makes


Let’s take a look at the Traditional Approach

In House
marketing Team

Build up a large team of specialized Marketing professionals who can ensure that the entire Marketing life-cycle is met


  • Staff that can accomplish any/all marketing tasks that need to happen


  • Expensive
  • End up under-utilizing staff, or pay to over market to justify staffing levels
  • Too many people making decisions and fighting for power


Hire a small team of Marketing professionals, and then spend large amounts of money on contracting companies who all specialize in one thing (e.g. web design, email marketing, SEO/SEM)


  • More defined marketing objectives
  • Less potential for team conflict


  • Money spent with contractors who are most likely overcharging for services
  • Less control over how things are done
  • Less insight into day to day activities

Do It

Don’t spend money at all on Marketing or try to do it on their own


  • Cost Effective


  • Probably not done the best way
  • Often times just doesn’t happen
  • Generally produces unfocused messaging to customers

Here’s why the Agile Marketing ℠ beats the traditional approach

Each month, the Marketing tasks may be totally different. One month, our team may be redesigning your website. The next month, we may be managing a rebranding project. The month after that, we may be developing and executing a large cross-channel marketing campaign and reporting on campaign results. To us, it doesn’t matter; we will take on any and all of their Marketing projects with our own internal resources.

As a result… Clients do not need to hire teams of specialists who end up wasting time or funds or work with lots of different consulting companies who are most likely overcharging for projects. EMC is able to provide a great team of resources for generally less than the cost of 1 – 2 actual full-time company employees.

We have the resources to handle any marketing tasks or projects a client may have, and work with our clients to make sure they are directing our efforts in areas that really matter.

That is what makes us different.

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