Growth Without The Sacrifice

EMC provides Agile Marketing SM services designed to help you grow your business without sacrificing profit to do so.

Through our strategic marketing & consulting services, we are able to provide an experienced team of marketing professionals for a fraction of what a typical full-time employee would cost.

Why should you have to give up revenue to build your business?
Let EMC bridge the gap and create your custom Agile Marketing SM team.

Our Clients

Restaurant & Entertainment

Retail Sales & E-Commerce

Professional Services

We want to help you find your business happy place

Areas of Awesomeness

Business Development

It never hurts to have a set of fresh eyes to examine your business. EMC’s business development services will help you to identify opportunities for growth and maximize your existing resources.

Web & Email Marketing

Why spend your time trying to figure out the ever-changing online landscape? EMC will make sure your online presence and email marketing efforts are monitored and managed to their fullest potential.

Web Design

There is no limit to what EMC’s team of web site designers and developers can create. We build websites with a purpose. We know that a beautiful website is only half of the battle, you also need a site that will generate leads and produce revenue for your business.


Today, you are what Google says you are. We will work with our preferred SEO partners to ensure that your site is found fast and easily online.

Graphic Design & Video

With our  full service-design and video department we can create any marketing materials your business may need.

Our Process


Overall Business Evaluation

  • What are your goals for growth?
  • What has been working?
  • What is not working?


Online Presence Review

  • Website Review
  • Social Presence
  • Email database
  • National & local search rankings


Create a plan for success & execute!

We will identify and implement the processes needed to reach your organizational goals.

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